Sensei Kevin

Sensei Kevin

Sensei Kevin Nason

Nanadan (7th Dan)

Started Karate training 1972 in the wave of new recruits because of the popularity of Bruce Lee. This was in SKI Shotokan style at Stanford-le-Hope Essex. Trained for a couple of years and had a break until I found Goju Ryu in 1980 and was taught by sensei Gary Webber at Basildon Essex. This was with the English Goju Ryu Karate Association (EGKA) headed by Sensei James Rousseau affiliated to the International Okinawan Goju Ryu Karate Federation (IOGKF) headed by Sensei Higgaona Morio. After I gained my Shodan in 1987 graded by sensei James I trained regularly at the Camberwell Dojo called The Marble Factory and was taught by Sensei George Andrews.


This was very hard training indeed and matched by the hardness of the students who trained there. But as those who know, this type of training really did make people gentler in character. I trained alongside very good karateka such as Linda Marchant and Felix Nelson and lots of others all just as good. I did help sensei Gary when he first opened the Chelmsford Dojo in 1984 and eventually took over the running of the Dojo in about 1986. The club eventually moved to its present location in 1988 and has run continuously since then. My first student to gain his Shodan was Jeremy (Jem) Pateman and the Second was Sensei Keith Bishop who has been a friend and sparring partner since when he attended the first training in Chelmsford in 1984. I have taught many children and adults who have achieved shodan and beyond, too many for me to mention here. We have also as a club raised lots of money in sponsored events such as Tommy’s appeal and Children In Need, which makes me proud. I am also now teaching a child of one of my first child students. Now that really is a scary thought about getting old!


In 1994 Sensei Keith Bishop and I followed Sensei’s James Rousseau and Len Sim when the GKI was formed. The best thing about our association is that it is very friendly and everyone is made to feel welcome and is encouraged to be involved. I have been to many countries and places around this country and the world training with and meeting lots of friends and I would not have missed it for the world


Competition Record:

  • England Goju Ryu Team Member 1989 to 1994
  • 2nd Place Ind’ Kumite and 2nd Place Team Kumite at Miyagi Chojun
  • World Championship San Diego America 1989
  • England Team and Individual medals at San Diego 1990, France 1992
  • England 1986 to 1994


We practise traditional Okinawan Goju Ryu, which focuses on effective close quarters fighting. We enjoy tournaments but believe that the true heart of karate is self-defence.

North Avenue Location

United Reformed Church,
North Avenue,
Chelmsford, CM1 2AL
Phone: 01245 330931

Keene Hall Location

Keene Hall,
Watchhouse Road,
Galleywood, CM2 8PT
Phone: 07884 118916