Karate Competitions

National Tournament - Kumite

Club Karate Competitions

Each year, our two clubs (North Avenue and Keene Hall) get together and hold a kids karate competition. The idea of our kids Karate competitions is to introduce our young students into competition karate. We categorise the children into groups according to their grade, age and height to ensure it is a positive experience for everyone.

We have two main categories, these are:
KATA: Students perform the Kata that they practice in the class. The kata categories are split by grade. Each student is paired off in groups of two one will wear a red belt the other a blue belt. They will perform their kata individually. The student wearing the red belt will perform theirs first, they will then leave the matted area and the student wearing the blue belt will perform their kata. Once both have performed both students re-enter the matted area and the judges will show either a red flag or blue flag. The score is then recorded.

KUMITE: Students will compete in groups split by grade, height and age (where possible). The students are awarded points for each controlled and accurate techniques.

All competing students receive a certificate for taking part and the first three students in each category will receive a medal. Each student wanting to take part in the competition will need hand pads, leg pads a mouth guard and an up to date Licence (see your instructor for more information on any of the above).

The cost of the competition is £15 and is open to all students.

National Tournament - Sensei Chris

National Karate Competitions

As part the GKI Chelmsford Karate takes part in the Associations Annual National Tournament. The National Tournament brings together clubs from across the UK. These are run in the same manner of our club competitions but incorporating many more competitors, Groups and is open to all ages and Grades.

Our National Tournaments consist of 3 Categories:
  • Kata
  • Team Kata
  • Kumite

    Team Kata is where each club puts in one or more groups of students who perform their chosen kata as a team. Each team consists of 3 or more students.

  • About

    We practise traditional Okinawan Goju Ryu, which focuses on effective close quarters fighting. We enjoy tournaments but believe that the true heart of karate is self-defence.

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