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Chelmsford Karate Club: Your Path to Martial Arts Excellence

Welcome to Chelmsford Karate Club At Chelmsford Karate Club, we are dedicated to providing top-quality karate training and martial arts education to individuals of all ages and skill levels. Whether you are a beginner looking to learn the basics or an experienced practitioner seeking to enhance your skills, our club offers a welcoming and supportive environment for all. Training and Classes Our club offers a variety of karate classes and training sessions to cater to different needs and preferences. From traditional karate techniques to self-defense strategies, our experienced instructors provide comprehensive instruction and guidance. We focus on building discipline, strength,…
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Recent Grading Event at Chelmsford Karate Club
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Recent Grading Event at Chelmsford Karate Club

Karate Club Grading Success!
Chelmsford Karate Club recently held a grading event, and we would like to extend our congratulations to all those who participated and successfully passed their tests. It was an exciting and challenging event, showcasing the dedication and hard work of our karateka. The grading event is an important milestone in the journey of a karateka. It provides an opportunity for students to demonstrate their skills, techniques, and knowledge in front of a panel of experienced instructors. It is a test of their physical abilities, mental focus, and understanding of karate principles. Each participant had been diligently preparing for this event,…
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We practise traditional Okinawan Goju Ryu, which focuses on effective close quarters fighting. We enjoy tournaments but believe that the true heart of karate is self-defence.

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United Reformed Church,
North Avenue,
Chelmsford, CM1 2AL
Phone: 01245 330931

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Keene Hall,
Watchhouse Road,
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