Our Frequently Asked Questions

  • At What age can my child start?

    As a guide we take children from the age of six. We can however take children younger, please speak with one of the instructors who can better advise.

  • Do I need to be fit to start karate?

    The classes are open to all levels of fitness so you can take them at your own pace. Karate mentality promotes health and fitness and the warm-ups and training will help increase and maintain a good fitness level.

  • What do I wear in the Class and do I need bring anything?

    Something loose and comfortable is advised such as Tracksuit bottoms/shorts and t-shirt and bring along a bottle of Water

  • Will I get hurt during training?

    We train safely and practice with care and control but accidents occasionally happen. Knocks may occur but the more you train the more experience you gain and knocks are less likely.

  • How do I know If I will enjoy Karate?

    The hardest thing to do is walk through the door! You never know if you'll enjoy something until you have tried it. There's a first time for everyone, the first lesson is always free. You've nothing to lose!

  • What session should I attend?

    We run two separate classes each training day. A Juniors session and an Adults session. If your child is between the Age of 6 and 13 they should attend the Juniors class. We advise however to speak with one of the instructors if you have any concerns or questions.

    See training times here.

  • Can I just turn up?

    There is no need to book. Just come along 

  • What are the benefits of Karate

    Karate has many benefits, some are listed below:

    • Physical health and fitness
    • Strength and flexibility
    • Balance and coordination
    • Focus and concentration
    • Stress reduction and mental well-being
    • Confidence & self-esteem - Helps prevent bullying
    • Respect, positive attitude and behaviour
    • Discipline
    • Effective self-defence

About Us

We practise traditional Okinawan Goju Ryu, which focuses on effective close-quarters fighting. We enjoy tournaments, but believe that the true heart of karate is self defence.

Our instructors include Police Officers who have used their skills on the streets many times.

Latest News

  • Training Update - Tier 4

    Unfortunately due Chelmsford now placed into Tier 4 both North Avenue and Keene Hall Dojo's have again had to close its doors until further notice. In its place we will be running training sessions online through Zoom. If you are interested in joining get in contact with us or reach out to the clubs Welfare Officer.

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