Chelmsford Karate have an Active COVID-19 practice and follow all Guidelines set out by the English Karate Federation and Sport England.

The principle aim of this guidance is to safeguard against the potential spread of the COVID 19 virus whilst allowing for a phased return to full karate training. It will be updated as and when new information is received.

It must be noted that the club is also obliged to follow any further regulations that are required by any facility in use and any additional restrictions set out by the local authority. This guidance should be followed in conjunction with any such requirements.


Due to the national lock down our Dojo doors have closed and from Monday 9th November will be running training sessions online through Zoom. If you looking to join please get in touch with us:


You can find our training times Here


The English Karate Federation has set out a 4 phase return to full karate training. WE are currently in Phase one.



A return to non contact training with social distancing compliance, along with a number of safety measure as prescribed in this guide.


Allowing the use of equipment such as makiwara, strike pads, and limited partner work.


Return to full, regular training.


Return to Competition.


  • All parents or carers of members under the age of 18 must explicitly provide in writing their permission for their child to return to training.
  • Safe and orderly entry and exit to the dojo observing social distancing protocols. Participants should queue outside at appropriate social distance. They should not enter the Dojo until invited. Members are to wait outside the front door of the hall and should must apply antibacterial gel to their hands before entering.
  • Each person will be temperature upon arrival. Should a member report having any symptoms of COVID 19, then they will not be allowed to train and must report immediately to the NHS for a formal test. Instructors will make a clear note of such an occurrence.
  • The front door will be used as both an Entrance and Exit.
  • Parents are to remain outside the building and only allowed into the venue if absolutely necessary.
  • Students should remain socially distanced throughout the training session. The instructor will constantly observe that social distancing is maintained throughout training.
  • Cleansing gel needs to be used before and after practice. Dispensers can be found in the hall entrance and in the training hall.
  • On entry a member must sanitise their hands and be directed to a designated marked position and wait for the session to begin. Belongings may be stored at the edges of the hall at 2 metres distance from others. This may be particularly challenging for our younger members who must be constantly monitored. A full explanation will help to maintain this.
  • Members should arrive changed and ready. There will be no changing in toilets, or the dojo.
  • Members must bring their own pre-filled drinks.
  • The hall capacity for a COVID secure environment is 20 and sessions should be pre-booked to make sure that this is not exceeded. Parents or anyone else not participating in the training will not be allowed in the hall.
  • Payments for sessions will be contactless.
  • A record of contact details of all those that attend sessions (including spectators) is kept to assist the governments track and trace programmes. The club is legally obliged to have this information. Members must be advised of this record, and that they do not have a choice to ‘opt-out’ of this obligatory requirement.
  • The Dojo is ventilated as best as possible with the main doors left open


  • Only NON CONTACT training is allowed at this time. Though some family groups could practice with contact, this should not happen in ‘public’ sessions as it will give the wrong impression.
  • Drilling in moving lines (like marching) is only allowed if participants are in a single rank, and have clear ‘lanes’ to move up and down. There must be no entry into another person’s marked space at any time.
  • Face covering are not compulsory at this time, but consideration must be given to their use.
  • Sessions should be pre-booked.
  • Sharing of any equipment is prohibited.
  • Instructors will refrain from guiding, or touching any members limb during practice.


At the end or between classes:

  • Members must leave the dojo in an orderly and organised fashion. They must leave as they arrived, and change at home.
  • All members are advised to immediately shower on returning to home.
  • All members MUST clean their training clothes (Gi) between sessions.
  • Any congregating of people must be away from the Dojo and outside, whilst maintaining Social Distancing protocols. The social aspects of a club should not be under-estimated as it contributes to over- all well-being of members, but these activities must be conducted in line with government guidance.
  • There must be no hugging or embracing between members at any point, but especially after a session when members are likely to have been perspiring.
  • All touched surfaces will be cleaned using an appropriate steriliser.
  • As is usual in a traditional Dojo, no drinking or eating is allowed in the Dojo or entrance areas.
  • There must be no shared use of drinking bottles at any time.


All members should be aware of the ‘Catch it. Bin it. Kill it.’ campaign to help reduce flu infections.

All Safe-Guarding, child protections, and vulnerable adults protocols remain in place.

In an Emergency such as a Serious Accident or Fire, people do not have to stay 2 meters apart if it would be unsafe or present a risk to life to do so.

Dress code/What to bring:

  • Karate Gi and belt to be worn at all times
  • All students to ensure they bring a water bottle



Hygiene Protocols:

  • If you have COVID-19 symptoms, stay at home and self-isolate
  • If you show COVID-19 symptoms at training, you will be asked to go home
  • You must use anti-bacterial gel to clean your hands thoroughly upon arrival (this will be available)
  • Please remain socially distanced throughout, and use anti-bacterial gel to clean your hands at the end of the session (this will be available)

Chelmsford Karate have taken great lengths at ensuring the clubs can fully function under the current COVID-19 Guidelines. We are fully commited to ensuring all students are able to train safely without the chance of acquiring COVID-19.

We have put a lot of research into what we can and cannot do and also taken a number of certifications to ensure we are fully COVID-19 ready.

See these below:

COVID Safe Martial Arts Instructor Certification’

COVID-19 Certification

COVID Safe Martial Arts Instructor Certification’ is a program developed and administered by the Martial Arts Industry Association. To ensure that martial Arts clubs of all kinds have been provided the knowledge and expertise to run their club correctly, professionally and safely and to ensure all clubs fully understand the Guidelines and rules set out by the government, Sport England and the English Karate Federation.

About Us

We practise traditional Okinawan Goju Ryu, which focuses on effective close-quarters fighting. We enjoy tournaments, but believe that the true heart of karate is self defence.

Our instructors include Police Officers who have used their skills on the streets many times.

Latest News

  • Training Update - Tier 4

    Unfortunately due Chelmsford now placed into Tier 4 both North Avenue and Keene Hall Dojo's have again had to close its doors until further notice. In its place we will be running training sessions online through Zoom. If you are interested in joining get in contact with us or reach out to the clubs Welfare Officer.