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Who Are BMABA?

The British Martial Arts & Boxing Association (BMABA) is an independent professional body dedicated to ensuring coaches and clubs standards are met and maintained. It promotes participation and effects social change through their foundation and effectively regulates the instruction of martial arts through all of their BMABA registered coaches and clubs.

Clubs are more than just a place to practice. The BMABA represent our student’s work on an international level, provide invaluable resources for success in competition or club activities such as licensing and insurance coverage that will help them grow into successful athletes both now but also later down the line when they have families of their own who need support too!

The commitment we make as coaching staff means everything because not only do you get personalized attention from one coach per athlete - all students benefit equally under this roof with access to top training methods from coaches that have years worth of knowledge and experience gained through years of countless hours of teaching and coaching.

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We practise traditional Okinawan Goju Ryu, which focuses on effective close quarters fighting. We enjoy tournaments but believe that the true heart of karate is self-defence.





North Avenue Location

United Reformed Church,
North Avenue,
Chelmsford, CM1 2AL
Phone: 01245 330931

Keene Hall Location

Keene Hall,
Watchhouse Road,
Galleywood, CM2 8PT
Phone: 07884 118916

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